Hierarchy of Triumph


Doing lot of assignments, experiencing how to love and be in love, bullied by classmates, and supported and loved by teachers. This is some of my experiences in my high school life. High school life is fun, they say. I think it’s really fun but sometimes, I feel like it’s boring. How my life does go when I’m in high school? Let’s take a flashback when I’m still on my freshman and sophomore stage.

The first time I stepped on the portals of my chosen school, Luna National High School, I feel like there’s many butterfly in my stomach. I was nervous for this is my first time as a high school student. I think that my classmates are cruel, the teachers are sadist, and schoolmates are badly behaved. But I’m wrong. As days go passed by, I learned how to deal with my schoolmates, my teachers and most of all, with my classmates. They helped me in doing assignments, helped me in reviewing my lessons which I didn’t understand. And this was the time wherein I met my best friend.

Sophomore stage, my classmates are still the same, but some take a step down and some of the students which is on the section following us take a step up. I feel bad for my classmates which is now on the other section because most of them are my friends and of course happy, at the same time because I have new friends. On this stage, our section was divided into 4: the Wilab, Bhoksx, JAMSVERG, and the Dota Experts. But before the school year ends, we fixed it and we name our group Vibes Gang and it happened on the 17th day of January that’s why 17 is our friends’ anniversary date.

My first two years in this institution is quite good. My classmates and I built lot of memories. We laughed and laughed like there’s no tomorrow. But I feel quite sad because it means that there is only two years remaining of stay on this school. Here’s a tour on my junior stage.

On this stage, we will experience the so – called JS Promenade. An activity which is for Junior and Senior students, this activity includes the transferring of responsibility of the Senior President to the Junior President because it signals that the end of their stay is approaching. It also includes the 20 dances of the students and 1 dance with their parents. On the 14th day of February 2014, “the day for the couples” as others says for it was Valentine’s Day. On the first dance which is for our parents and the students, I danced with my Grandpa. And the second dance which is student to student, I danced with my guy, Reynante Baniaga. For me, that was the happiest moment in my junior stage.

This is the last 10 months of stay in this school. But then, I and my classmates built many memories. Of course, as we face our college life, we will never forget each other because they were my best friends. They lift me up when all of the people around me pulls me down. They make me smile because of their weirdest jokes. They inspire me to be a good friend not just to them but all of the people around us. Our teachers’ unending support of whatever we do, in whatever decision we made will never be forgotten but always be in a secret pocket on our hearts wherein no one could steal.

Every memory in this school will never be forgotten, in fact, it’ll be treasured forever. Because this is the very first time I feel like my life is complete. I have lot of friends, lovable teachers, supportive family, and most of all, my path guider, Jesus. This is the second hierarchy of triumph in my life.